Cartagena de Indias

The city of Cartagena de Indias, located on the caribbean coast of Colombia, offers a mixture of colourful colonial streets, houses and walls, and a slick, modern skyline built across the warm beaches of the caribbean sea. There are not so many places around the world where the sun rarely stops shining, but Cartagena´s blue skies and warm weather are a constant throughout the year.

Surrounded by a 400 year old stone wall fortification, the old town is filled with pastel painted colonial houses, balconies covered in bougainvillea and trendy cafés and shops, presenting a wide range of options for fashion shoots, editorials, and advertising jobs.

Outside the wall, the city expands in modern areas contains the bulk of the city’s tourist facilities, such as hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and art galleries. The architecture here is delicately combined with the tropical palm trees and beaches and promenades, resulting in a modern atmosphere that can be compared to the one found in Miami.

Cartagena’s beaches are made of volcanic sand, which is slightly greyish in colour, thus making the water look a little dark, but if you are looking for crystal clear water and bright white sand, the Rosario Islands are a group of private islands off the coast just 1 hour away from Cartagena´s coast.

Due to its beautifully intact ecosystem, the archipelago was declared a national park in 1977. The beautiful array of natural flora and fauna is sure to impress you!